Cobalt Tile Collection Sold Out!

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Meet the first collection to be sold out on WhereBilly. The Cobalt Tile Collection was wiped out of the online store within the first three days of WhereBilly's launch.

This collection was inspired by the blue and white decoration on Chinese porcelain pieces. Like how the 青花 (blue flowers) patterns were traditionally hand-drawn, the patterns in the Cobalt Tile Collection were carefully crafted by hand.

Each earring has a blue and white tile pattern on one side, and a plain grey colour on the other. I did not want to just settle for a plain white base; it would be too predictable. The grey would be a little surprise for the those who are checking your earrings out!

I also handmade the yellow tassels. In fact, they were put together using three different shades of yellow thread to create a more textured look.

I'm excited that these unique pieces in the Cobalt Tile Collection have found their lovely owners! And I'm really grateful for those who appreciate and recognise my heart work.

There may be more tile collections coming up in the near future, so stay tuned!


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  • i love your jewelry. please do start your custom order once again.

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