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Some of you might be curious about the design of my logo and what it represents. It all began when I started @bisforboobies, where I shared my air-dry clay art and embroidery work.

I shall be honest. I'm pretty obsessed with boobies. To me, they represent femininity, confidence and liberation. Also, all along, my works take on a geometric look (see my embriodery work at @bisforboobies). So, when I was conceptualising a logo design for WhereBilly, it came to me naturally to design a pair of geometric boobs. If you look closely, both geometric shapes in my logo aren't equal. Like my boobs and all boobs, no two boobs on the same person are ever equal! And that is perfectly fine!

Also, I started modelling my ear studs based on the geometric shapes in my logo. I think they complement all face shapes and are great when paired with either casual or formal looks.

So there you have it, a little background story about the WhereBilly logo. 

I hope wearing WhereBilly makes you feel more confident and free -- a modern woman who embraces all her strengths and imperfections!

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